Relief Tiles




"Creating a relief tile can be a rewarding experience.  The tile in deep relief,

with a dimensional surface, provides a sculptural effect unlike flat painted tiles.  Often there is little need to treat the surfaces with a glaze.

Surface contours can be a statement of expression in itself. 

The making of a relief tile can also serve as a foundation

for making architectural tile in large scale.


The first approach is the concept of the original design.  This should be thought in terms of line simplicity.  Most often, the lines, themselves, are only a guide for cutting into the clay prototype for making a relief mold.

Since a grouping of relief tiles are more effective than a single tile,

the making of a negative plaster mold serves as a method

to reproduce the original many times.

As you can see, Relief Tiles is a must have for any do it yourself artist!


Relief Tiles $20.00


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