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Sample of Raku Tile

"The creation of raku tiles is unique in the spectrum of tile making.  In addition to an unusual range of surface glaze effects, the raku technique provides for almost instant gratification. The raku method of firing glazes can take as little as ten minutes from start to finish.

It is useful to learn a little bit about the history of raku,

it's roots, and how it was adapted in the

contemporary tile context of today.

Raku originated in Japan as an expressive way of creating a clay bowl for the tea ceremony.  Over several centuries, as Japanese artistic expressions began to influence the Western world, the technique known as "raku" went through many transitions. Through a long period of experimentation, it continued to maintain one basic characteristic: it was glazed and fired in a very short period of time. Therefore, the basis for creating successful raku tiles lies almost entirely in the firing technique.  As a consequence, it is essential to have a kiln that will perform the tasks necessary to produce raku.

Sample of Raku Tiles

Above is a sample of Raku Tile that we did here at Colson Studio.  It gives the appearance of being three dimensional, while it lays flat. 


Sample pages from Raku Tiles