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Rocky Raku Lost his flame.

Freddie Furnace saves the day.

NEWSLETTER: September15, 2009

Although it may seem a bit of a spoof to  introduce Freddie M. Furnace, and Rocky Raku in cartoon form in this issue, I want you to see these two characters as a form used to promote two very opposite art making techniques. First, "Rocky Raku" is material involved in showing  all the parts and pieces for making a portable raku kiln.  Even though this is about only one facet of raku making, the kiln making part, it certainly doesn't need to be the first or last part about raku!  It does, however, provide a means to an end should one desire to build a raku kiln with proven use-ability.  On the other hand, "Freddie M. Furnace", which is practically a clone of Rocky, is really a way to approach a certain facet of sculpture making. when it becomes necessary to melt metal for casting.


Both Rocky, the kiln, and Freddie, the furnace, present the astute artist-craftsmen a way to accomplish a work in clay, or in metal, using the materials and techniques offered in the printed matter of these two very different eBooks offer.


At a time where inventiveness will often lead to anticipate  results, it is often well worth the effort .


To see a listing of a wide range of eBooks offering information, graphics, photos, and technical  guidelines, go to:                      

Frank Colson



A word about Frank Colson: Frank Colson initiated research, construction, and development in the field of kiln building and sculpture casting more than 3 decades ago!

He published a book by Prentice Hall in 1975: “Kiln Building with Space Age Materials” which became the definitive source of information on the use of “Ceramic Fibers” in kiln construction today! For an in-depth study on Frank Colson, go to

Mission Statement

It will be the endeavor of these Newsletters to provide:

1. A synopsis of new eBooks under the website name of These will be in addition to the 20 some eBooks already available on subjects such as “Hand Made Tiles”, “Ceramic Shell Casting”, and other e-manuals currently proven successful publications.

2. Offer internet links to “free” information on “how to” make raku tongs for less than $l0.00, “kiln firing techniques for both updrafts and down-draft kilns, as well as numerous other related subjects.

3. “Tip of the Day” provide technical tips on a wide variety of applications related to the making of clay and sculpture forms.

4. Application for becoming an Affiliate for Colson eBooks providing a residual income to the subscriber. Only available through this Newsletter.


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