Hydrocal Tiles




Sample of Hydrocal Tile made at Colson Studio


"A hydrocal tile can be made without the use of glazes or a firing process. The mixture of hydrocal is the same as that for mixing plaster.

In this chapter we will introduce the use of a rubber molding material. This will allow undercuts of relief forms to occur in our three-dimensional design. An undercut is normally a raised surface area, which has an overhang above the base surface. Other, more complex configurations, with cavities or extended tunnels, can be made using rubber configurations, which would otherwise be very difficult to achieve.

There are several kinds of rubber. Some rubber materials are catalytic which require a part "A" to be mixed with a part "B" of equal parts. This kind of rubber is good because of its fast set up and cure time, which can take only a few minutes.

However, we will use "Latex" rubber, because it is universally available and very simple to use."



Hydrocal Tiles $18.00


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