Kiln Plans and more.


Major Improvisational Rocky Raku Kiln in Action!


"So I got the Rocky Raku plans  and from the start the gods were against me. I got the garbage can and it was stolen in front of my house. Couldn't find black pipe so I used galvanized with some fear of out-gassing. I went to the hardware store 6 times to get the right gas fittings. Left the big city for the high plains desert to fire up the beast and what happens?

I forgot the lid of the kilncan. What to do, what to do?

We used a 10 inch frying pan as a lid with great success!

Firing times from 8-14 minutes.

I'm not one to read instructions very well but the parts dealing with the actual firing process gave me some good instincts to work with. I hadn't done any raku in 22 years and the the results couldn't have been better!

Thanks for all the help."

-David Tholfsen of San Francisco


What drama!

"We used a 10 inch frying pan as a lid with great success!"

The finished beauty...done by sun-up.