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 All 5 TILES BY HAND eManuals in 1 package!



This eBook is available on line.

(with entire instructions, diagrams, suppliers lists & websites)., 

You can purchase all 5 TILES BY HAND eManuals in 1 package for

$37.00,  by clicking on the "Buy Now" button below.







The .epub eBook is ready for reading on iPad, Kindle, Nook, and other digital eReaders. 

CD availability.


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Mural Tiles  $18.00 

Inside or outside, a hand made mural of colorful tiles shows your skill, taste and ability. In this eManual Frank Colson takes the reader on a step by step tour and reveals the secrets of making beautiful mural tiles. 

With photographs on every page and clearly written no-nonsense text, this eManual is a must to have. Click the tile for a sample page and text. This Mural is over four feet wide. Click HERE for more info! 



Mural Tiles  $18.00







Hydrocal Tiles $18.00

You can make outstanding 3-D tiles using objects that you like. Our example shows a starfish and a shell, but you could use almost anything.  Photographs on every page and clearly written text show you how to make Hydrocal tiles. You will marvel at how easy it is and how good they look.  The tile at right is approximately 8 inches wide. Click HERE to learn more.



Hydrocal Tiles $18.00





Relief Tiles $20.00

Relief tiles are three dimensional but require a different technique. With photographs on every page, this eManual shows you the way. Important for use after making the tiles, the manual shows you how to mount and hang them to beautify your home, or sell them and add to your piggy bank. This assembly is over three feet wide. Click HERE to learn more.



Relief Tiles $20.00




Raku Tiles $16.00

Raku began in ancient Japan. The individuality and creativity of the artist can really be shown in this technique. By deciding what type of organic material to use and how much, the artist is able to change the "look" of each piece although they were made the same way.

This creation is 12 inches wide and is flat, it looks as though it is standing, but it is laying flat. Click HERE to learn more.





Painted Tiles $18.00

You won't believe how easy it is to make and install these tiles. You start with plain tiles you buy. We show you how to paint them, fire and mount them for added beauty in your home or anywhere. Click HERE to learn more.


Painted Tiles $18.00






Art on Tiles  Kiln Fired Decorative ceramic tiles.

More than 500 designs to choose from.
Kitchen and Bath ceramic tiles murals.

Custom work available




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